Vision motivates people to action and vision gives meaning to the process. But vision without direction is only eye candy for the media.

Direction is our roadmap for achieving our unified vision. I commanded military units and was responsible for unit mission success, communicating the commander’s intent (vision), forging plans (Direction) and executing safe and timely operations in defense of our country. Along the way, we considered our soldiers capabilities, short comings, training needs, health, welfare, morale, fitness and readiness.

Wausau depends on efficient involvement of all employees and citizens. Our current committee system is rife with redundancies, gaps, vaguely defined responsibilities. I call for a realignment of committees to better tailor each committee mission to support the vision of the City of Wausau. For committee work, I prefer task organization; match skill sets to purpose; match tasks to the most effective committees. Drive out duplication and focus on high priority tasks relative to impact on our mission and roadmap to goals.

Think back to what we were discussing at the last election two years ago? Does it feel like Groundhog’s Day? We can’t keep tabling decisions for inability to communicate ideas. We’ll never build consensus if the expectation is to satisfy 100% of the people 100% of the time. Leaders use their experience, judgement, vision and trust in the people to support reasoned and transparent actions.

You never hear of leaders being talked about around town if they’ve never done anything. Leaders get noticed when they act; when they move the cheese.

Leaders are fearless in the face of danger or opposition. I will speak with candor on behalf of the citizens of Wausau. I accept constructive criticism and thoughtful comments regardless of who delivers it. I don’t let setbacks, mistakes or criticism bother me personally. But I do take the business of the people of Wausau personally.

Please vote for direction. Vote for Doug Diny – Alderman, Wausau District 4